Naturists in the OC or NitOC, is a family friendly naturist club based in Orange County California.

Our members span from Orange, Los Angeles, Riverside & San Bernardino counties.

Our Goals:
Have fun… naturally.
Establish a naturist presence in Orange County.
Promote naturism, body acceptance and body-freedom as natural and healthy.
Raise public awareness of naturists as upstanding members of the community.
Host fun activities.
Bring the younger generations into naturism.
Work to establish a clothing optional beach in Orange County.
NitOC is affiliated with The Naturist Society and a proud supporter of the Naturist Action Committee and the Naturist Education Foundation.
If you're interested in learning more about the benefits of naturism, or if you already enjoy nude recreation, we invite you to participate in our events in the Orange County area.



* Dear NitOC members and guests,

For the lasts eight years NitOC and NAC have had a good working relationship regarding our nude swim events at the Huntington Beach City Gym and Pool. Without warning and coming as a complete shock to us, Huntington Beach Community Services Director Janeen Laudenback. informed me that the City would strictly enforce a new Community Services regulation.

This new "regulation" supposedly requires that all persons attending events, either public or private, remain clothed at all times. This clearly impacts our ability to continue to rent the Gym and Pool for our traditional nude swim and vollyball events. In fact, the City has denied our application to rent the facility for the event scheduled for this Saturday, September 19th. Therefore It is with a great deal of angst and disappointment that I must inform all of you that the September 19th NitOC nude swim and volleyball event is CANCELED.

In response to the City's unjustified and arbitrary change in policy, NitOC and the Naturist Action Committee have consulted with legal counsel, and we believe that we have legal recourse. We are moving toward taking legal action aimed at archiving a solution to this issue.

We will keep all of you posted with developments as they unfold. We hope to be able to continue with the nude swim and volleyball events in October.

Thank you for your understanding and support,

Allen Baylis
President, Naturists in the OC


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Family Fun Nude Swims at the Huntington Beach City Pool
& Gym
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See Alan Baylis's response to this in the article posted to the left of this column.

November 14 -

6:00pm - 9:00pm

Activities: Indoor swimming, volleyball, pool tables,
ping-pong, dinner and general nudist fun!

We look forward to seeing everybody there, bring some friends and remember your towel!

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"Body acceptance is the idea.

Nude recreation is the way."

Lee Baxandall, Founder of The Naturist Society,
The Naturist Action Committee and
The Naturist Education Foundation


Nitoc is a 501 (c) (7) non profit corp.

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